Our experience in operating trek and Adventure tours has been gained over 9 years across a variety of continents. The expertise we have acquired has been used to choose the wide range of destinations and tours featured in this site, visiting what we believe to be the most outstanding areas of the country. We do not just “scratch the surface” of the place we visit; we get you personally involved in the country, its culture, its people and its wildlife, to give you one of the most rewarding experience possible.

As a specialist tour operator, we only operate holidays to small number of carefully selected destination. Our groups are diverse, comprised of different nationalities, gender and age. Perhaps the only real requirement is a sense of adventure and an appetite for discovery.

In small group we make minimal ecological impact, cause little disruption to the pattern of local life, and better appreciate our surroundings. The mood of our trips is informal, intimate; the emphasis is on sharing and taking part. As such we have accumulated a tremendous depth of experience. Given that these countries can often be frustrating, even difficult, to travel through alone, many of our clients are surprised just how smoothly things run. This ability to make things work efficiently, usually against the odds, is where experience really shows.

Perhaps the best things we can say about ADVENTURE TEAM is that throughout our history the vast majority of people on our trips have been with us before or were referred to us by someone who has: everyone keeps coming back and bringing their friends.