Reasons to Travel with us.


All the technical wizardry and networking at our disposal would mean nothing if it weren’t for our friendly and helpful staff who will look after you right from the moment of your arrival to the time of your departure in legendary Nepalese style. Whether it is a case of miss-directed baggage on arrival or shipping of your shopping on departure, a case of finding directions to the right restaurants or finding the doctor after visiting the wrong one, a case of having to be evacuated from high altitudes or not being able to catch your connecting flight due to bad weather, our office and field staff will help you every step of the way during your stay in Nepal, whether you are in Kathmandu city or in the High Himalaya. Our leaders are selected for their personality, their experience in adventure travel and their wealth of knowledge of the area where they work. They are well -trained and have the ability to provide the support you should expect when you visit remote areas of the country. They are able to cope with most emergency situations including those requiring evacuation and hospitalization. Porters are mostly hired locally in the trekking area, and most of them have remained with our company season after season, climbing to higher positions by learning in the field and under going training.


Our safety record is unsurpassed because we leave nothing to chance. We don’t skip or cut corners and we ensure that every small detail is taken care of; thus enabling you to relax totally and enjoy your holiday. At Adventure Team, we take safety very seriously. It is our first and never forgotten priority, and it shows. We employ some of the best trekking/biking and climbing guide in the Nepal. These men are professionals, trained in emergency wilderness first aid and can get a person out of trouble faster than anyone else.


Our itineraries have been designed to let you enjoy the very best that each country has to offer. As such they can not be rigid and will occasionally be amended to take account to local conditions When you travel with us, we are always aware that you have a life outside of the vacation that may occasionally intrude upon your idyll. We are always ready to work with you to the furthest extent possible where changes need to be made to your program, even in the middle of a trip, to allow for emergencies and will not burden you with additional expenses as long as the proposed changes do not affect the flights, permits and costs. In general, we stick to the published route.