Advisory Board

The advisory board is composed of most diverse, education loving, enterprising and energetic young professionals spanning field ol’ education to finance and development sector.

  1. Mr. Atish Krishna Shrestha, B.Sc. Engineering (Electrical), MBA; Regional Director for Western Union – Indochina; a former visiting faculty member at kFA, Central Bank, Agricultural Dev Bank.
  2. Mr. Ramesh Shrestha, B.Sc. Engineering (Electrical), M.Sc. Engineering (Information & Communication); Board of Director and Founder Principal of Sagarmatha Engineering College, with more than 16 years of professional experience in educational sector.
  3. Mr. Kabindra Shrestha, B.Sc. Engineering (Electrical and Electronics), MBA; Business lead for Western ‘Union – (Nepal and Bhutan, visiting faculty at leading business school in Nepal with (more than 12 years of experience in telecom, financial and educational sector.
  4. Mr. Badri Nath Baral, B.Sc. Engineering (Civil), MBA; Board of Director, Sagarmatha Engineering College with more than 10 years of professional experience in Hydro power and Development Sector.
  5. Mr. Lalit Chaudhary, MBS; Senior Finance for ADRA Nepal (INGO), will) more than 14 years of experience in audit, admin istration a financial management in different projects (INGO/UNDP).
  6. Ms. Bhawani Murali, M.Ed. (Education Planning Management); ‘With more than (26 years of teaching experience in prominent school including St. Mary’s and Little Angels’.
  7. Mr. Shree Krishna Baral, B.Ed. (Math); with more than 12 years of professional experience in educational sector and school administration.
  8. Mr. Dhruba PokhcŒel, MBS; with years experience in journalism.
  9. Ms. Akshata Shrestha, (English); subject matter expert.