Why Us?

Why We Are Different


It is not just school, it is anacademy.Euro School Lalitpur provides each student a platform to explore themselves in various fields of academic and extracurricular activities. The learning process is not only focused on classroom studies and academic learnings, but also intensely focused to explore the strength of the child in other avenues. All of our studentsare not only excellent academically but also best in their field of interest.


Interactive Smart Class and E-class are the need of the hour. These amalgamate the modern day technology with the most interesting learning environment for the students. Well-equipped computer lab will be used by each students in scheduled period to explore themselves. Audiovisual methods of teaching will make classroom learning more interesting. This follow the principle: I hear I forget, I see I remember and I do I know.

Clubs & Societies:

This is the most innovative and pioneer aspect of education in Nepal. Apart from normal education setting, there will be academies and each studenthas to join clubs and master their co-curricular activities:

  • Sport Academies (Football, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton…)
  • MusicClub and Dance Club
  • Literature and DramaticSociety
  • Social work group and social work activities
  • Practical work group
  • Project works and exposure trips
  • Adventure Club (horse riding, hiking, swimming)


Balanced learning throughLearning-Reinforcement – Practice- Application (LRPA) technique are most appropriate.Building on the curriculum of Government of Nepal through LRPA teaching approaches would make our learning environment most interesting and child friendly. Numerous field works as per the demand of the curriculum are the integral part our learning process. The curriculum has following focus:

  • To empower each child through the development of their cognitive, emotional, physical and social skills. Academically it focuses development in areas: Motor Skills, Numeracy, Science, Language, Creative Arts and Socio-emotional
  • To provide each child with a school life full of positive experiences
  • To create a well-developed personality and prepare to confidently engage with and contribute to their communities at local, regional and global levels
  • To provide to parents a friendly, transparent and professional experience across the range of their interactions with the school.