Mission & Vision


  1. Providing sustainable, world-class clean energy products including electronic parts and services with quality and care.
  2. Delivering peace of mind to residential/commercial clients that are unsatisfied with utility services and are looking for self-sustainability.
  3. Promoting solar power as the future of energy.
  4. Provides both theoretical and practical training to those who aspire for the knowledge of clean energy, electrical and electronic works.
  5. To organize the programs, exhibitions, seminars and various other sessions for the study and research purpose for promotion of the clean energy, electrical and electronic works.


Materials for switching applications in power engineering, solar equipment, security systems, electrical, electronic and electromechanical, fuse protection materials and special repair, maintenance and cells for power generation, supported by a competent consultation service. In addition, we are a leading company for high-quality materials for sales and as like qualify technician for connections in power engineering and electromechanical. Also, to promote power engineering and electromechanical as an environmentally, sustainable, renewable energy source and to produce expert human resources in the field for future.