About us


“Reach for the reading”

Readmore, founded in 2006 AD, is a forward-looking publishing house, pioneering its idea in bringing out qualitative textbooks and educational materials. The publication is located at Kuleshwor-14, Kathmandu.

We are committed to play a prominent role in the development of education by providing stimulating and well-designed textbooks for students and teachers. Carefully researched and meticulously designed textbooks, meaningful selection of reading materials, attractive and child friendly illustrations, and printing quality enhance the readers’ experience of a new quality and give them a new reach for the reading.

Seeking excellence in the chosen subjects, the publication always aims to strike a balance between professionalism, scholarly rigour, and commercial reality to produce academic books of the highest quality to spur innovation and education excellence. We also recognize the obligation to match the form of our publications to our readers’ needs by pursuing innovations in printing and non-print technologies.

For wholesome education and excellence in quality,  Readmore has three other sister organizations – Impression and Materials (IM), Book Zone Nepal (BZN) and BookArt Nepal. They work collaboratively to support  the national education system of Nepal and make learning process fun and imaginative.


Book Zone Nepal (BZN) is a book distributor located at Kuleshwor-14, Kathmandu and is associated with Readmore Publishers and Distributors who has a decade’s practical experience in bringing out qualitative school textbooks and marketing them to all over the country.

BZN acts as a distributor and marketer for reknowned publishers from different countries. Its primary mission is to get the books of their publishers out to bookstores, libraries, book wholesalers, and directly to readers and writers.

A book can be your best friend, but finding the right one is your choice. Book Zone Nepal is dedicated to doing just that. Our showroom is designed for book lovers who can browse and choose books of their choice.  The peaceful environment and the vibrant colour of our showroom will surely increase your appetite for reading and your shopping experience delightful.

Special Features:

  • Books belonging to different genre appeal to different people. Keeping that in mind we have a collection of books in different categories and genres (Fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, classic literature books, informative books, children books, management books, language books, etc)
  • We have a collection of books suitable for Montessori schools and libraries too.
  • To make the environment friendlier, we have allotted a play space for children where they can play and have fun.
  • For our adult readers we have reading space where they can take their time to browse a book and make their decision to purchase.
  • We have a collection of novels and other books which are internationally best sellers and marked as ‘good reads’.



This is an emerging publishing house established by Readmore Publishers and Distributors, after being felt the necessity of publishing story books and other children’s books (poems, plays, songs, essays, biographies, etc) to promote children’s literature. It also publishes some general books related with Nepal, its culture, geography, nature, environment and religions. We publish children’s books in the Nepali language as well as in English and other local languages. We are dedicated to bringing out children’s books that are enjoyed by children and that inspire, delight and foster a love for reading.


(Impression and Materials Pvt. Ltd), located at Kuleshwor-14, Kathmandu, is a business enterprise and the sister branch of Readmore Publishers and Distributors and Book Zone Nepal. is committed to supplying creative and constructive playthings and educational materials to schools and other educational organizations.We are a resource for parents and educators and hold the opinion that playthings play a prime position in the process of child’s development and inspire learning, creativity, and fun.

We have a collection of playthings, fun games, classroom furniture, activity toys, Montessori accessories and apparatus, large activity floor play and other children’s playground equipment.

As we offer a good range of playthings, you can pick a set that suits not only your requirement and price, but fits in the space available. We keep sufficient number of all items in our store so that you can expect the timely delivery of the playthings, and you do not need to wait long to have your desired playthings in your schools and homes for your children.

We believe in good quality and promote the products of those companies who have well-defined parameters such as finish, flexibility and durability. Thus, the playthings we supply are well-liked by children, teachers and parents for appealing designs and attractive colours. Moreover, these playthings are smooth in finish and are good for encouraging activities for kids. Other important factors that we seek while choosing playthings are that – the parts should be easy to assemble; and they must suit the safety standards. All in all, we always want to be reliable and try our best to provide good quality products to our valued customers.