Q.  Are admissions to the EuroKidsDhobighat open throughout the year?
A.  Playgroup admissions are open for most part of the year. Admissions to the programs of Nursery, EuroJunior&EuroSenior though close by the end of Baishakh in that given year.

Q.  Is it necessary for me to secure admissions in advance?
A.  Since we limit our batch sizes it is important to secure admissions in advance. EuroKidsDhobighat opens registration for the new academic session from BasantaPanchami.

Q    What are the procedures for enrollment to EuroKidsDhobighat?
A.    EuroKids Pre-schools adopts a first-come-first-admit policy for enrolment to its programs. The documentation requirements are as given below:
* 3 recent photographs of the child.
* Duly filled admission form.

Q    What age of children can get admission to EuroKidsDhobighat?
A.    Children of age between 18 months and 5.5 years can get admission to EuroKidsDhobighat.

Q    What is the duration of the Pre-School program?
A.    The Euro Kids emphasis on a one year in one class, no child is promoted to the next class in between the session. The school remains open for 6 days a week @ 5 hours a day except for the holidays mentioned in the school’s academic calendar.

Q.  How do I know about my child’s progress at the pre-school?
A.  EuroKidsDhobighat conducts Parents Teacher Meet (PTM) quarterly to discuss about children’s progress and learning activities. Month-end letters and monthly syllabus are provided to the parents to keep an update of their child’s learning in the school. The school also conducts parents teacher workshop to make teaching and learning more effective.

Q    Does the school provide transportation to its students?
A.    Yes, EuroKidsDhobighat has vans for a door to door pick up and drop of the children. The transportation is accompanied by a sister along with pick and drop register.

Q    Does the pre-school provide meals to the children?
A.    Yes, EuroKidsDhobighat provides breakfast, lunch and snacks to its students. Fresh and hygienic materials are used for cooking and the food is prepared under the strict supervision of school management. Parents, who are concerned about their children’s food intake, are welcome to check and visit the school’s kitchen.