Why EuroKids Dhobighat?

The following are some of the reasons – why you should get your child admitted at EuroKids Dhobighat:

Learning & Nurturing

  • The curriculum is age appropriate, well researched & structured.
  • The focus is on development skills & milestones.
  • The staff is responsive, well trained & caring. Child-Teacher ratio is 10:1.
  • The learning is interactive through puppet shows & story sessions.
  • The class room is decorated with children’s art work.
  • Positive measures are taken to guide behavior, encourage self-identity & self-reliance.
  • The environment is enriching & stimulating.
  • There is fun and discovery room.
  • The children gets exposure to the exciting `learning-cum-fun` field trips
  • There is a balance between child initiated & teacher initiated activities.
  • We provide exam preparation classes to 5 years old children to be qualified for the schools of their choice.

Health & Safety

  • The ambience is lively, safe & child friendly.
  • The play equipment is child safe, age appropriate and non-toxic.
  • The environment is clean & well maintained.
  • All outdoor play is supervised.
  • There is kids-fitness center at Euro Gym.
  • There is proper supervision of the children all the times.
  • There is a safe & secure drop & pick up facility.
  • The care givers are trained in first aid.
  • We serve boiled drinking water to children.


  • There is regular parenting workshops & parent teacher meeting (PTM).
  • Special days are celebrated.
  • There are assessments that measure child’s growth.
  • There is a positive feedback based on ongoing observation.
  • The information is given through educative newsletters.
  • There is an easy transfer facility to any of the pre-schools spread across India and abroad.